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Choosing a therapist is not always easy. These are my 8 suggestions for things to look for:
1. You feel comfortable in her presence, you feel at ease and can talk to her fairly easily.
2. The therapist calls you back in a timely way, usually within the same day.
3. She is willing to answer your questions on the phone or in person.
4. The therapist has good and firm boundaries, she does not try to be your friend or your date.
5. She speaks to you in a respectful manner. Always.
6. The therapist is interested in your strengths, abilities, and dreams, not just what difficulties you are having.
7. The therapist listens, listens, listens, without judgment or criticism.
8. She is interactive and responds to what you are saying and feeling.
**Please note, I am using 'she' though your good therapist may be male.

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