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Hello! and thanks for looking at my site. To get an idea of my work with people I invite you to watch these videos.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is even more valuable.

The first two videos are interviews with David Brundige of Therapick.com, the first a shorter version.
I talk about my practice, how I see people and their difficulties, and what therapy with me is about. 
Take a look...

1. My psychotherapy practice

2. My psychotherapy practice (longer version)

Peter Bedard of Create Your Health interviewed me as part of the series he created on healthcare practitioners.
He is a lovely man and we had an interesting talk. See what you think.....

Create Your Health video, an interview with Peter Bedard.

And, of course, most therapists have a page on the Psychology Today website,
which is, by the way, an excellent way to find a therapist.
Just go to PsychologyToday.com, put in your zip code and therapists in your area will pop up!

Click HERE to see more info on PsychologyToday.com